Wings on the Wall

I feel a rejuvenation of my creative spirit! Is it because spring is here? As much as 1 degree and cold rains can feel like spring! Is it because I spent most of the winter making visual and mental lists of all the things I’d like to make? I’ve studied up. I even have a bag of sewing projects to work on sitting beside my couch. And I am feeling pretty chuffed about that! Last night I stitched a hem on a pair of pants I cut off at the knee last year and even added some lace to the hem to hide my ever cute too large stitches. Looking forward to wearing those, might even post a pic for you all to peek at later on.

Today I had a different urge. My bedroom walls are so very bare. I used to live in a room with hardly any white space left on the walls, and while I do not intend to turn this space into the same kind of phantasmagoric gypsy dwelling, I do think I would rather wake up looking at pretty things than a white wall.

I saw something really cool floating around the boards of pinterest this winter, and I am working on trying it out. Using embroidery hoops as frames. I only have 2 around, but they are already on the wall. Of course as is my way, once I started, I kind of went in a different direction with that particular space. But in a matter of 20 minutes, I have already started a good theme for the wall across the room from my bed. And now I am on a new mission.

P1060565There was another time in my life when my bedroom walls were adorned with butterflies, and somewhere in the pages of a book or other, I think I have some of these pieces still around. But this is a new wall and a new dream. And of course there are stories to these pieces, or why else would I have them?!

The 2 circular embroidery hoops that inspired this new collage are holding pieces of a shirt that my ex boyfriend’s mother gave me. I have kept that shirt, because I love her dearly yet, and while she is no longer in my life, I have always treasured her in my memory. And because there is something about those pieces that I think will continue to inspire me. She embroidered those onto her husbands shirt, I believe when she was pregnant. So I think it is proper that the embroidery hoops actually hold something embroidered. The large framed butterfly is from a dress I wore to a couple of weddings. It was in a frame on my wall in our last home, and I am so glad I kept that remnant of fabric! The small frame holds a photograph, both gifted to me by a dear friend who I miss and hold happily in my heart.

I have a couple more fragments of clothing with butterflies on them, but I don’t have the right sized frame just now. So, new mission! Get to the 2nd hand stores and pick up a serious stack of embroidery hoops, and start keeping my eyes open for butterfly imagery again! In fact I have a couple of photographs I took last summer that I think I might print and add to the collection! I will keep you posted as this wall grows into a thing of beautiful colour!