Drop Your Pants into This Braided Rug

Braiding, the new addiction!

P1060552 P1060544

After a couple of weeks of ripping the legs off of pants I can’t bring myself to wear any longer, nor throw away, I had to tell myself that I had enough. Enough braids to at least cover the small space by the balcony door, to put our slippers and maybe help not track dirt through the apartment as the warmer weather approaces.

Laid out in order I wanted to stitch, still imagining a rectangle rug

And so the stitching together began. It actually only took part of a day to stitch it. It would not have even taken that long, but I got distracted by things like eating and making tea and picking child up from school.

Early in I realized that my stitches were too tight, that the braids were taking a curved form together. But instead of ripping the stitches and starting over, like part of my brain was telling me, I went with the other part of my brain and decided to see how it would turn out.


I am quite pleased with our little balcony door mat, and that these pants which will no longer dance, will now be danced upon, or at least stepped on! And if anyone comments on the shape, I can tell them it is a throw back to the rustic creations of the past!

P1060562 P1060560

Now, what is next in the ripping and stitching bag I wonder?!