This easter I went low budget. Turns out it was high in sugar buzzes but also in family values and lessons. I have been thinking about how I keep implying that we were on our own before, and that is simply not true. So I am sorry to the people who held our hands, lives and hearts!  I worked very hard to surround us with love and good people. And our memories and missings are serving as a reminder of that this Easter weekend. So much gratitude for everyone who carried us forth and for everyone who uplifts us now!

Thing is, even with all the love, every holiday I still felt a compulsive urge to spoil the heck out of the boy, in order to compensate for what else was missing. But this is a new year. A new time. This year I went for quantity over quality and learned a few valuable lessons. I wasn’t missing so much as I seem to remember. And quality comes from the people we trust to have in our lives. And from the little gestures.

Every easter I buy him a new cap for spring. But this year as I drifted from tradition, knowing that he would want a splendid amount of eggs to seek and find, I decided to pinch pennies. Which meant not only cheaper chocolate, but also perhaps sacrificing the new spring cap, for the time being. At breakfast one morning before the wonders of Easter were upon us, I asked him if he would rather come with me to go shopping on the weekend, and choose a hat himself. But he said he wanted me to surprise him like I do every year. Well, pull the old heart strings why dontcha! Don’t worry friends,  the answer of course came to me. I had just a few days before come across a couple of patches we haven’t sewed on anything yet. Ninja turtle patches stashed away in one of my sewing boxes. So I went to the wretched dollar store and bought a cap and sewed a patch on. He was so surprised and happy about that hat, or with the fact that I had come through. Considering how disappointed he was that I didn`t do the balloons this year, I am really glad I pulled something off! He wore it to the Family Easter Dinner too, he said to make me happy. He also seems pretty pumped to know his hat is one of a kind 🙂 and I am proud I came through. I am not sorry that I over did the Easter Egg hunt this year. But these are the things that matter. That we will remember.

P1060379We seem to have peeked and crashed by the end of this weekend. He finally hit his sugar saturation ceiling today and was more depressed by this evening than I think I have ever seen him. So after we both had a meltdown, I made us recite a list of the good things that happened this weekend. Tell me Five things you are happy about. The list is sweet… Him; “I’m glad I got to spend time with my cousins.” Me; “I am glad I made a call and talked to our favourite loved ones left behind.” Him; “I am glad I snuck those 5 suckers while you were in the shower.” We are both glad we had a weekend so full of fun that we can barely stay on our feet! But now it is well past time to give over to dreams of sugar coated goodies and soak in the memories of good deeds and good family!

Happy Easter everyone, and happy full hearts to you all!