Eggs With A Side Of Sparkle

The Easter Bunny has been and gone. The chocolate is already gathered, the sugar rush taking hold. Now what? Some people head to church, others light candles. Others make pancakes and get on with the day…

P1060377 Under the fresh falling snow that has come a little late for April Fools, Spring really is in the air. We ache to trade our boots for runners. We get out fresh sidewalk chalk and start dreaming. But with the bucket of chocolates gathered, and new hat upon head, there is a smidge of disappointment. Something missing. Now that my boy is half way to 8 years old, I went with quantity for Easter this year, instead of the little surprises. I thought he would be disappointed if he didn’t have a full score of little eggs to seek and find. It took me ages to hide them all, to spread them through the apartment. And you know what? He misses the couch full of balloons, and little paper nests that the bunny used to leave his eggs in. He misses the magic. Either a mother can’t win, or he has just encountered a rite of passage that neither of us knew was coming. There is something to this, isn’t there? At some point we grow beyond the magic of childhood. We stop believing in our invisible friends. Stop thinking we are indeed going to grow up to be Spiderman. We start seeing the solid realities of the world around us. I assumed he was over it. In fact last year he said he didn’t like the nests. They were too messy. And I had confessed to him that it was Me that blew up the 25 balloons every Easter. I guess this year I thought since he knew, that he wouldn’t be into it. (To be fair to myself, the recycled nests did not make the move with us, and he found my stash of balloons a couple of weeks ago and right now there are 5 balloons floating around in the living room…)


A couple of nights ago, he told me that his friend had told him he saw his grandmother laying out the eggs. He was nearly in tears, “did this mean the easter bunny wasn’t real?” At that moment I took the chance to prolong the sweet innocence of believing. I told him I was sure that the Easter Bunny was coming. And the sweetness of the light in his face made me feel like I really was the bringer of magic. To be fair to myself, I didn’t really think that I was letting anything lapse. But, well, he misses it. Which gives me mixed feels. I’m glad to know that the things I did were noticed. When we were on our own, I compensated by overwhelming him with surprises.  So it is good to know that I in fact did create joy and memories! Right now I want a do over! I want to run to the store and get some shredded paper and give the Easter Bunny a 2nd run! I want to work to bring the sparkle back to what is a special chance for excitement and wonder! Because there is something not right in a 7 year old who already misses the magic! P1060374But childhood isn’t over. He is still only 7, even if the half is closer to a 3rd quarter. And he misses the magic. So I have something to work towards. Let me bring the fun, if I can’t bring the magic! Let me make this a Happy Day in honour of new life and ancient stories. Let us all colour our day with fun, joy and happiness. Let us take this chance to learn, and teach how to share the happiness. Where once we were on our own, now we are surrounded by family! We are headed to a big family dinner, with Easter Egg hunt, snow or no! Let us have a Happy Easter after all!

P1060382Long Live The Magic! Happy Easter! Happy Spring!