Imaginary Love Affair

You guys! I have a boyfriend! Well, actually I am having an imaginary love affair with the dreamy mail man. He loves me, I just know it. He just doesn’t know it yet. He is such a tease! Last week he came to visit me twice, and even gave me that handsome smile of his the 2nd day, when I got excited and said Oh Look! You’re Back! I am beginning to wonder, however, if maybe he doesn’t know that we are having an imaginary love affair! This is the only possible explanation for him visiting the lady across the hall, and not me. I mean, granted, her fried onions and peas smell really good! But I’m watching Firefly, all by myself! You would think my now, he would have picked up on my cues and purposefully playful playlists!

Well! She isn’t going to one up me for long! Thank heavens it is only Monday and there is a while week ahead to lure him into my life! Got to be some flyers delivered at least by Thursday, Right?! And in the mean time if anyone wants to send me something by mail, just make sure it is bigger than the average apartment door mail slot ok?! That way he has to knock on my door and I can ensnare him with my wiles and charms!

In the mean time, who wants cookies?! I am baking some right now! I will share the recipe with you in a minute ok?!