Tropical Pantry Party Pancake Mix

??  What do you get when you take a fresh pineapple, a can of coconut milk and a sunny day and shake them all up in a recycled apple juice jug?!

= =  You get pineapple coconut pancakes Of Course!

Not what you were expecting? Me neither!

Inspired by a conversation with my Vancouver Sister, I went out and picked up a fresh pineapple the other day. I don’t really enjoy eating pineapple; so much citrus! And the wise young elf will maybe try a bit of a bite of a piece once a year. But I wasn’t buying a pineapple to cut up and eat. No way! I have a juicer! Something someone had that they didn’t use. Quite a housewarming gift!

Juicing can be expensive, so it isn’t something I do every day. Or week. But it is surprising how often I have gotten to make use of it! Someone gave me another bag of beets recently and into the juicer they went! Beet Carrot Juice is probably my new favourite thing! Elfkin will drink carrot juice sans anything else, so it is a quick way to get some vitamins into him! (and he doesn’t need to know that there are cucumbers and celery in it either)…

But what about the exotic pancakes, you ask?! Ok. Well, it turns out that you don’t get much juice out of an entire pineapple! What you do get is a lot of pulp, which is in a baggy in the freezer for the day when I get around to making peanut butter pineapple muffins.  (Don’t those sound delicious!) To boost the volume of the meager output of the juiced pineapple, I shook a can of coconut milk into it. (Who buys a pineapple and doesn’t pick up a couple of cans of coconut milk, right?!) I tried to give that delicious concoction to the boy after school and he was not into it. Apparently one should warn a child that their glass of milk is not actually milk. Well, that jug of smooth tasty goodness has been in the fridge for 3 days now. I have been drinking it, but one can only have so many smoothies in a day I guess. But I want not to waste…

Every saturday I make pancakes. There were years when I made pancakes every day! My current Saturday morning routine is to get some hot coffee into me, listen to Vinyl Cafe on CBC and make us some pancakes. Right now Stuart McLean has a slight back drop of Minecraft sounds coming from the little guy’s bedroom, but hey, that’s cool, it is Saturday for him too.

This is where I get to the super delicious pancake mix. Pouring milk into my coffee I realized that we didn’t have much milk. Enough to do the pancakes but not enough for a couple more coffees too. So I decided to use a recipe that would normally call for butter milk, and use the last of the coconut pineapple smoothie instead. With cinnamon and shaved coconut too, of course!

The kitchen smells awesome! I’m going to have peanut butter on one of mine, and vanilla yogurt with a stirring of smoothie on the other. Elfboy has chocolate hazelnut spread on his. Without fail, or we have cereal instead 😀

*** You will perhaps enjoy knowing that Little Elfkin ate his without question on complaint, without the sideways suspicious eye stare that he will often affix me with when I have done something to his pancakes. In fact I had to ask him how he liked them, he was eating them so fast. MmMM Good was his verdict. Me, I am in tropical pantry party pancake paradise right now!