√Spend winter obsessively creating lists on Pinterest(thus saturating everyelses Pinterest with things I want to do…)

√Spend nights dreaming up the things I Can and Want to Do(might as well, not sleeping anyway!)

√Sorting Gathering and Moving around of Stuff to Do Stuff With(aka nesting, moving in or reorganizing instead of actually starting anything, aka procrastination)

√Stare out March windows watching freezing rain fall(contemplate taking picture of freezing rain, go into room for camera, get distracted by making more lists)

√Drink too much coffee, do too much baking


START finishing some projects!

Operation make door matt A Go

P1050791           P1050800 P1050802 P1050804Super excited to spend the next couple of evenings braiding up these old favourite jeans to make a sweet door matt to protect the carpet near the balcony!