I Spy With A Birds Eye

Living above ground is so much fun! I mean, if you aren’t a mole or something. Which I am not. I might have once thought I was of the Rabbit, liking to bouncy around willynilly this way and that, and when spotted, or rather when spying that I’ve been spotted, to flit back to my hidey hole to watch with wary eyes until the danger has passed.

But now I’ve got me a bird’s nest view. Or squirrel’s nest rather.


Now I have entered the realms of Those Who Live Above Ground! And with a balcony! And blinding sunlight when I open my curtains, as opposed to the eked out splashes of daytime we used to thrive under! Rejoice Rejoice Rejoice!!! Play Play Play!

I eye the parking lot daily, waiting for the snow to recede. I suppose it would be jumping the gun a bit to set up the balcony table and chairs just yet. Too cold to actually sit out there, or too hard to drink my coffee with mitts on. But it is coming soon!

The birds are already out there, so I know my time is nigh. Those birds are my delight. I have a lovely camera but already kind of  yearn for something with more of a zoom! I have been trying to lure the little tweeters closer. They were really excited about trying to eat the fake berries off the wreath I had hanging out there! I saw one little fellow nipping at it, so I decided to bring it in (probably about time too). I thought I would try to entice them with something edible, since they are all hanging around in the tree outside our windows. I put some crusts of bread on the garlands I still have wrapped around the balcony. And you know what? They aren’t interested. Apparently would rather nibble at red paint on tiny styrofoam balls than eat the crusts no one else wants either! It is ok though, I suppose I don’t want to encourage them to hang out too much, I do intend to start growing a few things out there when it is warmer.

In the mean time, I am celebrating my new views, and watching with keen eye for the snow to disappear and the buds to show! And my new collection of house plants is slowly forming, so don’t worry, I have something else to tend and watch over, and over water, in the mean time!