Friends Indeed


It is a big wide ocean out there but I know you will be there with me swimming through to the clearest skies!

Long before I actually made the Big Move, I started to prepare. Mentally, emotionally, and socially really. I pulled back from people in our life, as much as I was putting forward to the people Out There that I wanted to move.

And that would have been a heck of a lonely time, if it were not for the connections I made on an online forum. I found a community. At first I went there for a source of writing prompts, but really I know it was because I was lonely. Even before I was able to believe we would be able to start a new life in a new place, I started reaching out to people not of the place where we were. And friendships were sparked. From little bursts of humour and reply/response cycles came true friendships. For the past few years, I have had my days filled with all kinds of care, support and love. And I honestly don’t know where I would be without all of those friendships and acquaintances.

My son and I have good loving people in our life. Family who want us, friends who support us. He has a mother who is readily able to occupy herself for months on end at any manner of hand craft. But she gets lonely. There. She admits it! I admit it. I do enjoy my life. I am set in my ways, I am habitual and not very good at sharing. But I do need company. And up until tonight, I knew where I could turn for it.

Learning that a website I have relied on for company, connection and outlet for years is going down, I am truly grieving this loss in my days. But I do mean it when I say I feel blessed to have been part of something as sweet and wonderful as this site.

Thank you for being there, for reaching out, for chiding me and goading me and laughing with me, playing with me, inspiring me. For being with me. I am not going to like this loss, not one little bit. But I am going to be in good company. And my life and heart is full for it.

Thank you for being a friend!