The Old Becomes New Again

It highly amuses me, the things that please me.

Or? It pleases me the things that highly amuse me!

When packing to move, assuming one is to unpack in a day or two again, one packs into boxes and bins and carry alls, things that one would not other wise retain if … say… one was to be storing said receptacles of life, for a given period of time more than a few weeks in length. It was with mix of excitement and something bordering embarrassment that I dug out the belongings I at the time deemed worthy enough to keep, store and later ship. Mind you, at the time that I was dutifully wrapping mugs and candle holders in old phone book pages and lovingly then ensconced in fuzzy fleece hats for extra protection, at that time, I was assuming these things were making the long trek with us at the same time as we. Not assuming I would be putting to storage these boxes of the contents of our life. If I had known I would be storing and later having things paid to ship, I might not have kept the tongs, or garlic masher. I might have said adieu to the puzzle mat! But I must say that it does feel more like At Home to again see these things around us. And I must also say that I am ever glad I packed away that soup pot! As now I can again cook for more than 2 servings at a time!

Hurry for old loved mugs I had forgotten existed! And hurry for the shelf life of tea samples that apparently hadn’t expired in the 6 months they were carefully stored away!