Make Something Of It

There was a time when I dedicated much of my creative energy to filling the pages of a creative journal. Mostly with glued bits and pieces of scraps of memories. Washed over with water colours. Pages scrawled and scribbled through. A maze of a memorial to a time before. At the time an escape from the reality of days, outer life.

Unpacking in our new life and home, I sit down with the lime green tackle box. (There is a lime green tackle box, an artists dream box perhaps.) Surprises and gifts contained! Brand new water colour set and acryclic paints hardly used! Bought at a time when I was leaving behind that creative outlet, giving over to another fascination.

Here is a gift to myself, right when I need it. A process has begun. A lovely new sketch book journal waits for me. Calls to me from its corner. No reading nook for me yet. (That is what my bed is for.) Right now I have a Creativity Corner. And in that corner sits the case of water colours. And a stack of old photos and post cards just begging to be transformed. Now where is that glue stick!

Sitting on the floor, encircled by what has managed to survive the big move, the flight of the refugee. Things that had meaning in their place in life past, and that want to have meaning or a place in life new. Things waiting for transformation. It is appealing that I have a lime green tackle box brimming over with supplies.  And the time and space to contemplate such a project.

If you need me, I’ll be under that stack of remnants of times gone by, dreaming ways to bring them forward into new life.