November Greys

Maybe it is the November Greys.

They are kind of like the November Blues, but less colourful. Drab. I feed right off that. Nothing is appealing. Where is the colour?

And the eyes looking through grey coloured glasses will see things in monotone.


Here is the thing. November is never a good month for me. It is the anniversary month. The month of grieving. And maybe this November has also been the month of good news, it certainly hasn’t been the month of good happenings. Those will come with December.

So I take myself out for a walk, trying to avoid stress for a while. Trying to shake off this coldness that is settling in where light should shine. Looking for something lovely. Hoping to spot a bright splash of life somewhere. But it just isn’t that kind of month.

And it is when I stop looking for things that would be out of place, that I spot things that belong in this cold colourless setting. There is much to be appreciated out there.


I don’t know if I mean anything profound by this. I just wanted to showcase what I saw when I accepted that this is what today is.

Around the corner comes December, and with it all the colour and hope and love and warmth we can muster.