Give and Take

It might be that The Universe picked up on my stress levels. Said ok woman, you aren’t playing along with the Intent to Think Only Positive Things, in order to attract only positive things. I see you sneaking in that little nudge of nail biting concern. So I am going to throw you a curve ball. A big one. But one I know you can navigate. To remind you that you got this, for better or worse. (With a side of brief tantrum.)

And I respond in kind. Thanks Life! Did I really need that? No. But I got a back up plan! So there! Ha! Feel that? That’s me getting by, pushing through, keepin on keepin on!

Maybe The Universe and I are on to something. Maybe I expect bad things to just keep happening and so they do. But they aren’t so bad, are they?

Good will overcome yet! I SHALL PREVAIL! (Not skipping or dancing again yet, but stomping my foot in mad defiance. Define mad? O a bit of both thank you very much.)