Sock Gone

Dear Lost and Dirty, Wayward Sock

I don’t usually use the elevator, you see. But with all the laundry to be done, I went ahead and did. I am sorry I didn’t register the white and green gleam on the floor until the second before the door closed.

I know I failed you. For you are gone. But I tried. Believe me. I rode the ‘wrong’ elevator all day long, up and down from 1st to 2nd floor. Every chance I got, I pushed that button. And everytime, elevator 1 opened, while elevator 2, the one you used for your great escape, remained closed off to me. I haven’t used the elevators so much in months! All for one sneaky errant sock! At last, as I was returning the shopping cart no longer needed, back to ground floor, the Right Elevator Door opened. I stepped inside, and nothing. I felt like it was You had stood Me up!

I imagine you have found a home in one of the neighbour’s son’s sock drawers and I hope you are happy there! I won’t forget you, little generic white and green sock.