Eccentric to the Core

In a family of eccentrics, who stands out?

That is the question!

Imagine if you will, a dinner table with all the members of my family seated around it. Someone yells GO and we all get up, dash around madly, and then sit in the seat diagonally across from us. Then we get to eating what ever is on the plate in front of us. But we use only spoons, with our wrong hands. And most of us are talking over each other, giggling or staring at random.

That scene has not really ever happened. But that is what my family is like. Sounds like fun. Wait, lets add a few other rules to the game. This sounds too nice. Once you are seated, you reach for what looks like a bread basket. But instead you come back with a piece of paper. On it is written the worst insult imaginable. Now the fun begins. You look to your left. And holler that insult right at the ear of the person sitting there about to take a bite of their mustard covered mash potatoes. And when they look at you in dismay, hurl whatever you have in your mouth at their plate. There. That sounds about right.

Nasty piece of business is a family at a dinner table. Mine anyway. Look. Here is the thing. We are not All mental. But when you sit us at a table, it is like someone said Ready Set Go… Now Get as Mean as You Can, and Enjoy It!

If someone were to take us one at a time into a room to determine how much of the Eccentricity Gene each of us carried, I think we would rock that scale out of the room! I think in each branch of my family, as opposed to a handful or Normies, and a Strange One, we got it the other way around. We are the Crazy Book Ends to the Normal. It is true! Take my closest siblings. My sister and brother, and I, sharing the same 2 parents. The girls, eldest and youngest of we 3, are like the crazy unleashed hippie sisters, with our solid ginger brother between us.And I wouldn’t be the one to call Him normal.  And I think this analogy can be carried through the other branches of this mad family.

Why is this? In the question posted in today’s prompt, as far as who the eccentric person is and how they earned that title, in my family, it sort of goes the other way round. How does one get to be the solid. The quiet normal one that stands out by being as sane as possible? I’m not sure of the answer actually.

Look. Before who ever actually reads this gets all up in arms accusing me of disrespecting my family members. Know this. I love these people more than anything in the world. I have moved life and home to be closer to them. Nowhere else do I feel like I belong. These people will give all they have to give, if needed. And the ones who are too rough to handle are banished for the sake of everyone elses safety and sanity. I love this crazy bunch. Where else would I, perhaps the nearly maddest of all, be able to Not stand out as completely odd?!