Asking For It

I am not sure what I think about theories of manifestation. I do believe in ‘putting it out there’ if I want something to happen. Be that to the universe, or just to the people I think can help. And I think we only receive what we are open to.

I even pray, in a sense. I tap into the stillest part of myself and focus on what it is I want most. Try to listen for an answer within myself. Send a few thoughts out to ‘the universe’ for luck. Wonder if in some sense, literal or metaphorical, if our Mum can feel me.

I applied for an apartment today. And there are some pretty big fears that want to rear their spooky heads. Things that could get in the way of us getting this place. Big Bad Unpaid Student Loans and Credit Checks for example. But I want this place so badly! We need it. Part of me thinks that if I listen to my fears, they will draw to me the very things that I do not want to happen, because, as sister says, my focus will attract to me that which I am thinking and feeling.

Maybe all that positive thinking will do is keep me in a healthy head space. And that is not a bad thing, now is it?! But if it helps me to attract good things, well, that would be Just Great Too!

So… HAPPY THOUGHTS HAPPY THOUGHTS HAPPY THOUGHTS will in the least put me in a good mood and at the best will have us looking at our new home!