Hoppin Along

Well, Elfkin navigated his first day of school on crutches like a Champ! And it was the first day of true winter here, with wet snow making the sidewalks a mess for anyone not sure footed. But he carries himself on those sticks better than I imagined he would. Sure, I step gingerly along side him, my heart ready to lurch out of my chest every time he wobbles a bit, but he is fighting through. And I am ready to catch him but giving him the space to plunge forward as he will. This is a lesson for us both. A rite of passage.

I swear seeing them put a cast on his leg is like one of my worst fears as a parent coming true. But I am so relieved that he is not in pain. And believe me I am confident he is not. Mostly because I ask him a few more times a day than is necessary. How is the pain scale right now? He says “OK MuM, if Zero is No Pain, and 2000 is All the Pain in the world, I am here, and then he points to his kneecap.” That is Elfspeak for I’m good Mum, no pain.

Even though he is missing out on a decent romp in the first proper snow fall of the year, his spirits are high. He is like a star at school right now. His eyes shine in the telling. The kids all scrambling to help him get his lunch box, how he got to read to kindergarteners at lunch time. It is helping my heart that is for sure.

And I think I earned my Mother of the Week points when I handed him a half formed snowball to finish up and toss at me. If pelting me with snowballs helps him feel like he has had a frolic, who am I to say “No I won’t hand you that snow!” Maybe it is Motherguilt fueling me, but I’m all for it! I will pay that penance just to keep his heart a glow!

Now to go reset the alarm, as it takes us a good half hour to get to school in the morning now. But let me tell you this, not to worry! Not to worry. That boy has boundless energy and heart, and he reminds me that I can do better.

Time to get out there and give them Heck all over town! (Hellfire comes later, when we are running again.)