Want Not Waste

There may be plenty of time to waste, but life is too short to waste time. Or is it?

Life is slow in the living, it ticks by on literal clocks. We get Years. But we don’t get it all. Time goes on. With or without us. So. We can make the most of it, or make it on mostly wasted time. But time, is it ours? Are we accountable to anyone but ourselves? When the day comes when we look back on our lives, will we regret how we spent the precious time that is Ours?

How I Am Wasting Time…

This morning I watched a movie. A love story. A cute little gooey heart filler. A sweet charming hopefilled love story. A heart ripping tale of chance and love. Instead of going out and living life, I am holed up in a dark living room, saturating myself in the feelings of life, but am I living? Hey, at least I am not numb! I am working on feeling alive.

As long as I believe in feeling, I am hanging on. Living. Does it matter how I spend This particular Monday, in the end? Well, I don’t know, I won’t know sitting here. I can wonder. And wonder is hope. And hope is not a waste of time.