Shaken All Night Long

Mama rarely goes out at night. So it has to be a good go whatever the occasion.

I want to share with you now a couple of highlights from my evening. Gems really.


The guy who had one pick up line and used it repeatedly “I’ve told you how good looking you are. You are Gorgeous! What else can I do? How much do you weigh?” in that order. I thank him for the strange question about my weight, because it gave me another opportunity to dodge him, when he would reach for me to find out the answer physically, and I could give him a resounding “nonononoooo” and dodge away.

Dodging would however bring me back to the dance floor, where I managed to only elblow one person, which is a good record for a good night. Still managed to be the tallest person in the place, outstood the bouncer by a foot when he came to tell me “no beers on the dance floor”.

As for the band, their stature didn’t get in the way of their ability to belt out lyrics at incredible vocal heights. I will say they were great at what they do, right down to the funny little man in shorts doing his guitar kicks across the stage. I’d go back.

My favourite story of the evening was when I spotted a can of a beer I used to Love in my 20s standing boldly on our table. OOO I want one of those! I said to myself. And shortly after to the bartender. “Can I get a can of Dab?!”. Apparently not only had she never heard of it, but they certainly don’t serve it at that bar! INTERESTING! And now my favourite story for a family member. “Funny thing!” as I stared at him sideways… “I just asked the bartender for a can of Dab!…” “Ya… I brought that with me…” HA! If you are gonna go for it, Go For IT!!!

Aside from repeatedly telling Repetitive One Line Guy that I didn’t want to intimately discover his skills at weighing people with his arms, and reluctantly bonding with my dad’s First ex wife… I think it was a great night. Awe Heck, those moments were worth a giggle to be sure, and I will chalk them up to the fun of the night.

Cruising through my ‘drunk texts’ I can say I did alright. Could have done without texting my ex boss, but that’s better than an ex-boyfriend! I survived, my friends. Even if my head hurts like thunder roars. My magic red cowgirl boots brought me home and I’m back in the living room for another round of domestication. Until Next Time…