Take Me Dancing… or Thrashing Around A Dance Floor?!

I am trying to get amped for a night out. Maybe I should just go have a nap instead.

But naps lead to dreams, and while I usually prefer a dream state to waking, right now I think I need to work on clearing my head. And picking my clothes.

I don’t do the night out often. So when I do, I try my darndest to make the most of it. And I do just fiiiiiiiiine. If you know me, you know that my go to accessory is my shorty red cowgirl boots. My best “dancing shoes”. And if you know me, when those babies come out, the dance floor is likely to quake under the beat of my cartwheels. Probably won’t go to such extremes tonight, but one never does know.

It is our sister’s birthday, and so the event is of her choosing. I am saying this like I need a preamble. Well, fair enough really. Tonight, for Mumma’s first night out since August, (actually I am doing pretty good, used to be once every 6 months.) we are going to grace the fine floors of a cover band rock show. And not just Any cover band… “For those about to rock……….. ” … come on kids, with me now… “WE…SALUTE…YOU!” That is right. Yours truly is going to get her dance on with her big sis, to an AC/DC cover band. No complaints here (recent news of band members aside…). I’ve been known to rock and or roll out to a few of their well loved tunes now and again. So it won’t be like I don’t know the music. Which is how I felt last time I was at a dance bar! I am just thinking that for my rare chance at a night out, be it to a live music show, I have other ideas…

But… it is a joy to be able to be with our sister for her birthday celebrations, and so I am not complaining. Not one bit. In fact I am going to let out my rock and roll queen, and let her have some fun. And a couple of pops.

And in the mean time… Let me tell you about a dream I had last night. I dreamt I was getting ready for a show. And the only makeup I could find was halloween makeup. Which allowed me to do some fabulously creative things. Including wipe a thick bright turquoise cream across my eyelids, eyebrows and half my forehead. Don’t worry kids, I am not going to go to that extent, even though I am inspired to play a bit of dress up. Why not?! I didn’t go out for any grown up halloweening. And I am due for a bit of over the top fun. So kids, this mamas gonna go git her rocknroll on! Which means? Well, you will just have to wait and see, won’t you!

Happy Friday. Whatever floor you grace, do it with class and sass, my friends!