I’ll Make Your Bacon, and Eat it Too!

I’ll Make Your Bacon, and eat it too!

I wish I had thought of That about 10 minutes ago! I just had my first webcam preinterview interview. I have never done this before. So I shall chalk it up to experience.

Note to self. The kitchen wall is a very well lit place, so your idea of sitting cross-legged on top of the freezer to do your webcam interview was not a bad idea, per se. But in future, setting up a stand for the ipad might be a good idea, as you are not exactly known for your steady hands. And while the fact that you were leaning your elbows on your knees may not be apparent to the viewer, I think it made you feel awkward. Or More awkward. Since the whole experience was kind of awkward in the first place wasn’t it.

I am trying to get a job in a kitchen. Since when do kitchen jobs require 10 minute preinterview webcam rambles? Well, welcome to the new day and age I guess. Me, I’d just rather get to work! If I wanted to be on film, I’d be applying to a different industry. OooOOOOO AAAAAAAAAWKARD!