Just for ME?!

She just wanted to bring some light into his little eyes. That is of course not how she told it.

But, a mother knows her kind. This mother has done the same. And so I know that when she laid out those little snack crackers in his stroller tray, her heart was already lighter. She had been overly tired these last few mornings. And after a few much needed hours to herself, she was ready to cozy up to her little sweated headed guy, make nice, have some fun. So when she went to pick him up that afternoon, she had a little treat planned.

She managed to get to the school 5 minutes before they opened the door to a flood of little feet, faces, and arms. She opened the new baggie of cheese flavoured animals, put a few handfuls on the tray. Stood with the flock of mothers, waiting. The door opened, out came the dear children. His curls bounced as he ran to her, stuffie in hand. She stepped a few paces forward from the stroller, really setting up the surprise. “Darling! I have something special for you, something you have been asking for lately!” She looked to the stroller in happy anticipation of his glee. “See? Mummy got you a surprise!” “O MUM!!! A PUPPY! YOU GOT ME A PUPPY!!!” he shrieked as he dashed past his stroller and catapulted himself at the little dog that was hooked to the fence. The crackers would be meager consolation but she had to pry his small arms from around the furry neck, and explain that no, her treat wasn’t quite so exciting.