My Horoscope Read Me

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I’ve been thinking about zodiac symbols and horoscopes. And the people who write these little blurbs about our personalities and potentials. If anyone is well versed enough in the subscribed meanings of zodiac signs, they can pass off all manner of relative information and call it fortune-telling. If I were to study the labels and defining symbolism of each zodiac sign, I could write little paragraphs telling people who fall under these labels all about their lives. And we the happy readers nod in amazed agreement. How is that possible?! we ask. How do they Know?! But do they? Or do they just know a lot about what the signs supposedly say about us? And then present us with ideas that resonate with those definitions we have been previously presented with?

This makes me sounds like a cranky old lady, I know. Thing is, I am just about as hippie as they come sometimes. I light candles to commune with the energies. I dream that the spirits of my loved ones past are part of the wind and stars around me. I commune with my feelings, connect with the universe for guidance. And I enjoy reading my horoscope. I really do enjoy the spark of recognition, “Yep, that is me right there…” There have been times in my life when I included nightly card readings as important in my life. But I don’t think it was for the prophecy. I think it was for the affirmation. The process to self realization and sometimes planning. Most card decks will remind us that the meaning is in the personal interpretation. And this is what I am getting at with zodiac symbols; that they are meaningful to us because they have been created that way, and can now be interpreted as personal.

As I type this, I instinctively think to myself “that is so Serious Sensitive Virgo of me”. But who says? (My Mum used to laugh at me, say I was a Virgin of the Mind. … all about interpretation!)


My horoscope for the last month might say “stay true on your path, be open to all opportunities and don’t let up, your chance is out there.” Or it might say “take this gift of time to learn how to slow down and relax, you might not have another chance like this any time soon again.” This is the thing, there are so many sides to every story, and it often just depends on perspective. And on how well the writer of said horoscopes knows what we think we know about ourselves.