Measured Times

Finding a Muse in the Masters

Nighthawks – Edward Hopper

“What will you do Jimmy? If what they say is true? If you go under?”

He drew a long breath, his shoulders seeming to pull towards each other as he looked up at her. “I dunno Sweetheart, I just don’t… But a man has to have a livelihood. And if they shut us down… well I’m at the short end of the stick aren’t I?”

“Well, what if you had a way. Any chance of you buying the joint? I mean if you came… say into some cash?” His voice was gruff, like the strain of forced tones was too much for him.

Her red hair bristled like static flames as she looked over at him. “Now dont go tempting him! Its bad enough facing a shut down, dont drag him into one of your schemes.” She looked away from the man sitting to one side.

The next few minutes hung on the tension in the air.

“What you have in mind?” Jimmy asked. “Desperate times might just call for desperate measures.”