All Dressed Up With Places to Go

At what point does it become really awkward to have your Mum bring you to your school dances? Elfkin is 7. Grade 2. Still sees life in pair setting. We Do Things Together. But soon it won’t be like that. Soon he will be waving from the door telling me to hurry up and get lost, instead of blowing me kisses and drawing me in for another hug before he lets me leave him behind for the day.

This week we have some Halloweening to do, and I have some costumes to finish putting together. 2 out of 3 costumes yet to be worn. Since when do kids have so many costumes? Since this is something I have created, I guess. I like helping him take these chances to play act. When I was a kid our Mum would get home from work in time to feed us supper, cut holes in another sheet and rush us back out the door for trick or treating. She was never not there. But often times, she was between shifts. Stopping in to celebrate with us on stolen time. The life of a nurse. Oh but she was creative!  I may not have her skill on a sewing machine, but I think I make up for it in thrift store shopping and resourcefulness. Only, now I have another costume to come up with… My Own.

Apparently my go to costumes are over done. What the Small doesn’t know is that I have a habit of repetition when it comes to costumes. I am pretty sure I was a Vampire 5 years in a row in my 20s. Each year my costume more bad ass than the previous. Now I’m onto witches and I think I have reached my 5 year mark again. So ok, fair enough, I will do something different. Only, I want to wear the same clothes. In fact I still some how have most of my costume from last year to use again. I managed to get away with calling myself a Halloween Doll for the party this weekend, but he will see through that ploy if I don’t mix it up a bit. So what can I do with the same striped arms, coloured legs, cowgirl boots and black skirt? Why a Dark Fairy of course.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Halloween. It is on par for Christmas when it comes to my seasonal enthusiasm. But now my creative energies are better directed in making sure that boyo has the costumes he feels best in. He won’t have the most expensive costume on the block. But as long as he Believes it in his heart that he looks like a Green Alien Dude, then my work here is done! If he Feels like a Mad Scientist, then I have succeeded in bringing his little heart’s desires to light.

Halloween is special. It is the last of the magic, the chance for adults to act like kids again, for us all to flaunt our inner selves, whims and fancies. Long after Santa and the Tooth Fairy have taken a bow, Halloween lets our inner light shine forth! Parent’s everywhere are the crusaders of magic! And how better to do that than by putting on some funky outfit and showing our kids just how much fun we believe we can have! So this Fairy Mumma will Fly her way to the Halloween Dance with her little Dude at her side. Blessed to have this chance to bring a little magic to light. Call me TinkerBell, for I Believe!!!!