Of Day Off

Today is Friday. Which is not really something to go thanking all manner of deities about when one is unemployed and lives with a gaggle of 7 year olds 😀 Blessed be that it is yet Friday Morning, however!

How to make the most of a day off;

~ Celebrate that you have the apartment to yourself by playing your favourite songs, and singing them loudly. This isn’t really much different from any other day, but do it anyway, because it feels like dipping in the candy jar, cause you Can!

~ Probably do some hair dying. Leave that stuff in there til the itching recedes to a sort of warm numbness. At this point, you might as well leave it in there a while longer, mostly because you are afraid to go rinse out in case your hair is no longer affixed to your skull.

~ Instead of dosing yourself on coffee, make a pot of tea, drink tea throughout morning. Might as well refill kettle and pre boil that baby, you know you will need to! (Especially if you are skipping the coffee, for whatever reason…)

~ Spend a while longer than is necessary sitting around in your pajamas, chatting with friends online, and playing mindless games, or as you like to justify it “Mum was getting you to a new level, honey!”

~ Probably contemplate going outside at some point, maybe even to take the dog for a walk. But make sure you do this contemplation from a state of not fully dressed, preferably while curled up on the couch with remote in hand.

~ Eat a Lot of peanut butter on toast.

On that note, I have to go repop the toaster.