Cover Me Up

The Elf has agreed that if he gets a new Star Wars bedding set for Christmas, that I can use his Spider Man duvet, permanently.

Well, there is more to it than that. Let me paint that picture a bit for you. Elf was in the bath, and I was playing on Pinterest to my little hearts desire. Mostly looking at Star Wars gadgets and fun, gathering ideas for Santa. We have new beds, different sized beds, and most of our bedding is no longer with us. The Spider Man set is reduced to pillow cases and the duvet, which I am currently using. Elf has one vintage star wars sheet on his bed. And more to come. One of us needs a new set. And while I may no longer have my dingy grey duvet, I do happen to have a bag of fabric saved and carried forth with purpose of creating a quilt top for myself. Hang on, more on that in a tic.

Santa is going to be practical this year. Christmas is going to be more about people; surrounding ourselves with as much loving company as possible. Where in the past I have worked my butt of to compensate and over do the gift wrapped goodies under the tree, this year I am pleased to invite Santa to find us else where. To find us in a place where our tree will be happily stocked but not just with things for one small boy. In other words, more spending on bus tickets, less on gifts. Or less on unnecessary crap. Family will be around to spoil the Elf and maybe Santa won’t need to take all of the credit this year. And I won’t feel the same pressure to make his little world explode with delight and shiny paper, when his heart will already be full. We are both looking forward to this I think.

So, Santa is looking at bedding sets. (And little Chameleon Falcons, because Santa still wants to have a good time…) Santa’s elf is also revisiting the idea of getting a 2nd hand dingy duvet cover to pretty up for herself with applique and embroidery and bits and pieces of velveteen and shiny things… because this quilt top has been dreaming itself up for a long time now.

Meaning, if Santa’s elf gets ahold of a plain duvet cover, then Santa will get Elf a Star Wars bedding set, and we will both be happy, and well covered. And yes, I have contemplated just getting a Star Wars duvet cover for the Spider Man blanket, but tha will leave me still needing a cover to make fabulous and a blanket to put it on. And either way, Spider Man will just have to settle in to his new layers.