Me vs the Dishwasher

Can I just say that I Really Hate Dishwashers!

I don’t mean the human kind. On the contrary, I started out as a dishwasher myself. Maybe that is in part why the extreme disdain for the mechanical kind. Sure it is simple, easy even. Start by running enough water to fill a sink and actually Do the Dishes, rinsing each item off, before you stack all the grimy dishes into the washer, utilizing every OCD tendency you can call forth, put in powder, turn dial and be lulled by the oceanic roars of its cycles.

What irritates me beyond the horrible noises and massive amounts of power and water being used to make our dishes sparkle and shine, is that I have never met a machine that actually Did that! I just loaded the dish washer and 1/4 of the dishes in it are from the last load. They are special, they get a 2nd round in the fun ride. And likely a soak in the sink after, as the heat of the drying cycle that everyone seems so determined is vital to the process, will bake on the crusty left overs but good!

What drives me crazier than pulling out a freshly washed mug to find it full of crusted on oatmeal, is the near miss of almost pouring cereal into a bowl from the cupboard, to at the last second realize it is covered in yesterday’s soup stains. How do people put those things away? Sorry kids, no milk today, all the ‘clean’ cups have noodles in them.

When did it become too hard to do the dishes? I know, I know, it is everyone’s least favourite chore. And I too am guilty of neglect of that stack of doom and fruit fly breeding station. But I can hardly wait for the day when the kitchen is my own again and I can say No to the dishwasher. Although, I do have to nod in the general direction of the name. It is not, after all, known as the dish cleaner.

Cranky Old Lady Rant Out