Work on It

I have a job interview tomorrow! It Begins!

I am putting a lot of weight on tomorrow morning, and I think I need to settle down, hop off the grill of this interview! Go outside and feel that wild wind that is blowing. I just want so badly to get up onto the next wrung of this new chapter in our lives, and I really really Need to start working again!

This pressure is not something I am putting on myself, it is something with which I am colouring this meeting. I feel like I already have the job and tomorrow I am going to find out how to go get started. Which is probably delusional and cocky, but it is doing away with the usual sick stomach and jitters that I tend to get before interviews. Is this what confidence feels like?

Now all I can do is stretch a bit, give over to what is to come, and pray is that my plan to sleep in the kids room will eliminate the risk of being woken by the 3 a.m. wanderer that is my room mate. Which is another distractor. I think I am channeling my usual nerves of interviews and answering of questions into feeling down right sorry for myself.

So, time to turn this mother ’round. Literally and metaphorically. I am going to spend the night and morning visualizing the way I will arrange our home, which we can get once I am working.No Pressure! Sure!

Seeing is believing after all, and I can see this all ahead of me now.