So Much Things To Play Right Now

I only very recently discovered the absolute delight that is the podcast. All this music! And laughter! At my fingertips! Hand me those headphones, ‘Im out of here! I will link my favourites once I know how to do that, but for now I’ll say this, if you know me you know I love a musical journey that flows like a train, and rocks me in its arms. If you love that and want to see what kind of train I am riding on right now, or love to learn about new music that sings to the soul of the mountain folk, find Freight Train Boogie Show in iTunes podcasts. LOVE IT!

This discovery came along side my sudden immersion in the joys of the iTunes store. O shopaholics beware! O Music Lovers Day Dream. If you know me, you know there are only a couple of things that keep me (Happily) up at night, words and music.

If you ever want to lose track of me, or make me happy, set me loose in the hall of this which is the infinite music store! And send me off with a pocket full of duckets!

But ooooooo what do I do?!

So many choices to make! Which brings me to an interesting conversation I had the other night. I had recently done something new, bought A Song. One song. A song by a popular artist, a song I really love. Off an album that I don’t. Because I really really Love this song and want it on my iPod. And I think that’s fine. It is there, available. And I paid for it.

But, there is something to be said about a musician, an artist, putting together an album. A whole album. This was the point this fella was making. That a musician creates an album, as a whole. Sure, there are singles, and hits and songs that might resonate with someone more than others, but it is created and meant to be taken and received as a whole package. Remember when we bought albums. When we broke open the cellophane and got a whiff of the liner notes? Really got into the lyrics and imagery that came as part and parcel with the music? I loved that. I didn’t buy a lot of cds, and rarely bought albums I hadn’t already heard. But I did buy ones I really really loved. Or on rare occasion that an artist I really really loved put out. And so here I sit, with my finger tips pointing at the never ending possibilities. And I want to be frugal. And of course, as usual, I can’t make up my mind. And I kind of want to go out and buy the actual album. But I REALLY REALLY Want these albums on my ipod. I think I have decided that the buying of singles should be a rare occurrence. And saved for artists who are so popular that my not buying the entire album won’t make or break their careers.

You guys? I think that conversation converted me. I am going to go buy this Woods Brothers album right now. As I write this, I’ve been taking a listen to the songs I didn’t know yet, and hells ya, it’s worth it. I won’t tell you which one I bought This time, I think if you are really curious you can go look them up yourselves right now. They are worth it. In entirety. Which was never the question really.

(Human Touch, in case you were wondering which song I had bought in single form. I really really wanted that song. So there.)