I’m Still Part Sunshine

There is something I want you all to know.

I am a generally upbeat person. In fact in some circles, I am known for my shining forth of cheerfulness. I thrive on positivity. I have said it many times and I hold true to the fact that I was born to be happy. Life has tossed some curve balls, smacked with some hard wide palms, but I always come through.

And I know I come across as sulky and down in my writing. But this is where I can do my best venting. This here is part of my process. So for those of you who know me well, don’t worry, I am not as dreary as I come across on these pages. I am just finding myself more down hearted than usual.

Really it probably makes a lot of sense. I spent years making our home a safe warm little den of fun and love and colour. And in a few very fast months I tore it all down and catapulted us into a new city, and life. And I am worn out.

But don’t worry, my dears, new roots are growing on these saplings that are We. And I am reaching for the sun. And stopping to admire the painted leaves along the way back up!