I am back from an extended long weekend away with friends and family. My heart is full and I came home sparkling with fresh ideas for getting a jump on the next stage of our life. I am now soaking in those ideas, going to nourish them. I can See it at last, and this means something. Which is good, because I am amazed at how discouraging people can be when they think they are being helpful. When their giving is guided by what is in their own hearts, perhaps blinded by that and not open to what other’s really need. I know that sounds selfish and whiny. And I am trying to remember that we don’t all share the same goals in this life, and that is a good thing! Right now I have to hold my ideas close to my heart and make them actual plans. My plans, Our plans.

And I don’t really need to look to others for support when I have the best reason and encouragement I could ever ask for. The little Elfkin that I have walking this path beside me. If I can keep things simple, and maybe stop feeling sorry for myself, I think I can direct all of my energies into doing what we need to do. I have pulled off some very big things recently, and I need to find some of the source of that energy again.

We got this 🙂