Snobbish for Coffee

Turns out I am a coffee snob.

I have a taste for a certain taste of coffee. And I will grimace my way through any other.

I buy fair and happy coffee when able. But what I prefer for my pallette is mokka or espresso grind, blended in with a strong house grind. Your under 5 dollar deli brand please, the more italian the better. Mix a vacu pack of that bad boy in with a strong house grind, never put enough water in the percolator and I am happy. Brew that baby weak and I will be miserable for the day.

Does this make me a snob or particular? Am I perhaps a humble snob, if I don’t give a good darn what you think of my coffee tastes like? I am the snobbish outsider. I am not part of the in club. I don’t sniff and snuffle to become part of a coffee elite. So maybe I do not get to call myself a coffee snob. Maybe I am just a coffee drinker. An addict to the dark and strong stuff.

Call me what you will, I will call you when the kitchen smells like a coffee bean sorting plant!