Life Emerging

What does it mean to get your life going again? To start over? To rebuild, reconstruct?

It means shedding what was. Stepping fresh and empty into a new space. Sometimes with nothing, or with the meager and few remnants of the life you have left behind. The material possessions that you felt at the time of packing were most special and important. It means starting life over once you land.

First step, grounding. You may not think so or realize it at first. You may feel like hitting the ground running. This first step is often by necessity. Unpacking, or stashing away. Making house. Nesting. Finding a way to feel at home. Fighting for your space and rights. Sometimes you are not going to be able to do this alone. You will have a family to think of. Most important first step might well be to make sure your child feels at home. Is surrounded by familiar things. Which might be why your most precious books are in boxes 21 hours away while your son has all his action figures in a box at the foot of his bed.

So you ground. What does that mean? You find your footing, you start to settle down. The stress of the move evaporates somewhat. You have lists dancing circles in your mind. To Dos. But hopefully most of those can wait. You explore the space you now live in. Find your place within your new walls. Find a place for your things. Claim territory. Start to feel at home. Step outside. Explore your block, your neighbourhood, find your way to places you need to go. Get comfortable. With comfort will come a feeling of security, once you no longer see dragons in the trees. Your wings will stretch out. But you have all the time in the world, there is no rush. You are home,and nesting.

You are starting over. But does that mean letting go of who you were/are and recreating yourself? No, not essentially. But it does mean that once you get to your new place, whatever and where ever that it, looking at yourself and acknowledging that who you have been might not fit in with where you are now might not be such a bad idea. Because there is a reason that you are starting over, isn’t there. And part of that reason might be that the you that you are now didn’t fit with the life you were living. But will that you remain intact as you build a new foundation? Probably not. Because you have already been through something drastic. A ripping. A move. Change is not always a bad thing. Go with the flow while you lay those bricks and planks. Welcome the change in yourself that will likely arise from all of this newness. Or the you that is now able to shine forth as you are safely housed in your new surroundings. Start to feel what this new life feels like. Welcome home, honey. You belong here. You.

I am talking to myself here, of course. But this is a personal message that I think might be helpful to other people. We struggle to hold on to what we had, who we were, where we want to be headed. And we miss out on a whole lot of now… Right now, here, today, focus inward and see if who you find and feel there really fits into where you actually are Right Now. If not, is it the setting that needs to change, or the person that could do to shift to fit? You might find it is not entirely life that you are rebuilding but a sense of yourself.