Checking In. Check it Out. Check One Two Three. Is this thing on? Am I on? How’m’I doin’ folks?!

OOO How am I doing? Whelp, pretty good 🙂 Monday blew by in a wave of productivity. And Tuesday has the weather lined up nicely with my plans to law low. Still gittin er done, as they say up in the old whereabouts, but slowly. Surely. Facing one task at a time. Problem is, every check on the to do list seems to be followed by a new addition. But I wanted to get busy, was tired of not having purpose. So purpose is now presenting itself.

I am RePurposed. On Purpose. If 5 is High, I’m at about a 4.3. No wait, that is kinda short. If 5.10 is as tall as I get, I’m nearly there. See what I did there? What Am I doing? You Tell ME!