Watching People Watching People

I do love to people watch. Mostly because I love to sit alone, and in public places. And I love to stare. Not awkwardly. I do wear dark sunglasses. Gawsh People! What do you think I am like? Actually I think it is inherited. I remember our Mum would sit too long at lights because she was so interested in the people walking around on the street 😀 I know she was making stories up for them. I used to do this on long bus rides. TheGrey Hound bus and I made up some fantastic story lines for fellow passengers and people in other autos.

Lately what I have been enjoying most is watching Other People People Watch. I love noticing people taking notice of other people. For instance, the very tall very handsome young man on the bus the other day, a student type. He sat near the back, diagonally in front of me, optimum for my watching pleasure 🙂 He filled in the bus seat, but still able to slouch somehow. Ear buds, no sunglasses. Looking straight ahead for most of the ride. Not much was catching his eye. Bus pulled up to a transfer spot. I spotted the tall well polished blond from the other day. (She who sneers at grown women’s clothing choices?). She noticed him, he noticed her. I saw in a flash an entire movie plot. She noticed him noticing her but managed to keep herself composed. He did not. He sat up and really took notice. The bus pulled away. She stared straight ahead, he watched her recede. Then went back to his sitting, listening and staring. I wonder. I wonder if they knew each other. Maybe there is already a story there? Or maybe she is very much his Type!?

Just after that I realized a man sitting diagonally behind me was watching me. I wonder if he caught on to the brief interplay that I had taken in. Or what he thought I was up to!

Challenge; instead of just noticing other people, or reacting to what they are doing in Your scope of vision, try to see what They are seeing!