Right now I think maybe my physical state is my kryptonite. I can complain of a headache, being too tired, sore, having a cold. All these things hold me back from gathering momentum and moving forward.

I am not really sure what to do about this aside from recognizing it. I have always said that I think we should listen to our bodies. They tell us what we need. If we are over tired, catch ourselves being lazy very often, introverted, hermitizing, I am the first to say Listen to this, you are trying to tell yourself something. And indulge, within reason. But if I start falling back on these limits, I am not just giving in to myself in order to fulfill things I need. I am letting myself get away with something. And getting knocked down even further.

But over coming physical states of being is hard, isn’t it? That doesn’t mean it is irrelevant either. But it might be time to find some immunities. Notice that kryptonite as it falls, and not let it determine my out look.

More on this soon.