Are you Lost? NOOOO I’M AIMED!

Determined to be productive, and to Get Out for a while, I borrowed the dog and went in search of a specific destination. A destination I had google mapped directions to. Only, I didn’t bother looking at other options, just wrote down the first directions listed and headed out. A pity really, because google doesn’t know that I have no idea where the heck I am, or where I am going. The walk was going to take about half hour each way. Perfect.That would leave me an hour to relax before picking the Elf up from school. So we walked in a happy circle of take a left then a right a right a right o another right and…. off we went,  enjoying the buzz of dragon flies and the notion that I actually needed to de-layer as the sun was blazing hot by the 2nd block.

Happily that is, until I came to an interesting change in the road, where the road I was on turned into a road, avenue and street all of the same name, all going off in loopy opposite directions. Google hadn’t indicated this juntion, so I hung right. And came back out eventually to a spot just down from the junction. I tried the avenue, hanging right there. No dice, same loop. Was I stuck in some middle class neighbourhood Steven King inspired time loop, destined to walk in circles for ever? No way brother! Instead I let the dog and my natural ‘find my way out of semi suburban areas’ ablity guide us back to a familiar street to pretend that was our plan in the first place. Also the dog taking a massive dump when we were on familiar ground also leant the need for a change of plans. So we adapted our route.

After walking back in another circle and making it home (with a stop off to deposit horrid bag of steaming dog poop in city receptacle), I had some lunch and re-sourced google, as well as my room mate (who said if I wanted to just go up that one path and over past those 2 grocery stores and that one Timmy’s, I’d probably find it – thaaaaaaaaaanks), I lit out again. This time it took me 40 minutes one way on foot. But it’s okay guys, I had my ipod. And sandals on. This is important imformation you know, because it is really warm today!  I got there to find out the person I was aiming to see was off on lunch and would be back soon, so I deflated into a patio chair in an airconditioned lobby for a while. Thankfully I got my mission accomplished and also it turns out I had thought to write down directions to get the bus back. So I didn’t have to pass out on a sidewalk half way home of sudden potassium depletion or anything. And now the Elf is signed up for a soccer class, that might not get cancelled if they have one more child sign up in the next week.

Tomorrow’s mission might include something a little less vigorous, but I can’t complain about being aimless today, that’s for sure!