I’m Listening

I have an urge. A need to do Something more. Not quite the creative energy that starts to flow sometimes. But a desire for a rush. Perhaps it is the lack of purpose rearing it’s head again. Or perhaps I just want to get out the clippers and hair dye and do something exciting to myself! Or maybe I need  to break that habit! That easy go to when I need to jump start myself into a state of excitement. Or maybe I need to go dancing. Or for a bike ride. Or for a swim.I need exercise! But someone is already walking the dog 😀

Maybe That is what this is! My body is done with the sedentary lifestyle. My muscles are tired of being tired. They want to feel toned and used and worked again. Time to join a gym? Or step up the yoga a notch or 3? Maybe my being craves balance! My brain and mind are happy, having spent most of the past week reading. My heart is a bit on hold, it is easier to keep it quiet than to face the drama of starting life over, and facing the lack of needs being met, my needs and my Elfkin’s. My spirit is actually quite pleased with it’s surroundings for the moment. I may not be able to see the surrounding waters, to pay them homage every morning, but I know they are near by. I can feel their presence, I can see them with my minds eye. I know they are near, holding me like a basin of deep safety nets. My soul is happy to embrace the whispers of wind speaking through thick trees. So it is my body that needs something more. My body, that has not been well lately. My head is a constant presence of sinus pressure or splitting head aches. My back is happy that I have been stretching more. But I think I need to Do Something More. Join the Y. Get out and swim and try out those jog in air machines I used to love taking a turn on! Or find a delightful widower to take a dance class with!

In the mean time, the apartment is bare, the air is mine for the moment. I will take my own lead. Turn on some music and stretch. Maybe waltz my own self around the room for a turn. Listen to myself and respond.