Chip Chop

Fall always brings out in me the craving to darken my hair and go back to nice bright colourful red. The summer sun bleached look which is actually closer to my more natural state of hair being, looks so bright and fake against the back drop of hoodies and leaves on the verge of changing colour. But I kind of like this back to some past form of myself hue. BUT BUT BUT. I really need to do Something, because it is as dried out as straw. What I really need to do is get another choppy bob cut, cut away the wild witch of the cornfield look, so it can grow over the winter. But I am hesitant. I don’t feel like sitting under the scrutiny of yet another hair stylist who will want to know why I colour my own hair and if she can do something about my bangs, and eye brows while I am there. So my alternatives, get out the rusty red cannister of colourant, and let my head have it. OR… Orrrrrrrrrr borrow the roommates buzz clippers and get rid of some of this mess myself. It has been Years since I cut my own hair, and that tends to be a sign of my melting mental state. And I do have a sense of sanity to hold on to, or at least appear to be holding on to. So. Time to look up some local stylists? Suck it up and gitter done? Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?