One foot on the ground

I thought that I should probably check in. Thank you and a bazillion hugs to you people who care! I am ok. Slumped but not curled up in a hovel just yet šŸ˜€

I Am discovering the difference between landing and finding one`s grounding. I have to claim my footing here and I have a hard time doing that with such little purpose. But as always, I have the greatest purpose of all. Love. My son Needs me, even if it is not in the same physical way he used to. And right now I can work harder than ever to be his ally!

And in the mean time I will start researching flower shops, see if I can get a job where I get to talk to plants and plant lovers all day!!! Green houses and garden centers, in my top 5 favourite places to be!

But right now one of the kids phones is going off, I assume a timer, or an alarm created to wake up anyone who might have considered a nap today! On a plus side, I got 7 hours sleep last night,spent more time sleeping than staring at my eye lids in agony, and my sinus cold is only a nudge of annoyance right now. And I have super awesome friends in many realms to be grateful for! Thank you o keepers of my heart and spirit!