In and Out

Things I discovered on today’s adventures; I am now comfortable with one bus route in our new city. I should never go anyplace that has felafels And funky soaps for sale in a 4 foot radius of each other, if I am not meant to be spending money, but at least they were each under 7 dollars?! People are very friendly here. And happy to know that you recognize their label from etsy 🙂 I no longer care if 20something very pretty blond girls look down their noses at me for what I am wearing. We are Both on the bus and I am still taller than them, and nearly 40, so I am free, free at last from the caring of your judgement! HAHAHAHa AAAAAAAAAH! Waa?! Also important to note, when the woman at the felafel counter asks if you want tabbouleh and you say yes please, and she says in or out, she is Not asking where you are planning to sit to eat your wrap. But she will get a giggle out of your error.