Up and Out, Even!

I tried to pick it up today. Myself. I tried to pick myself up a bit today. It worked, you know! I took the dog for a walk along the river side path. I kind of find The Path creepy. It is very densely lined with trees and low growth things and vines. And of course murky waters. But it is a nice area. Once you get past the This is the perfect setting for day time television murder mystery shows… Once you get past That feeling, it is really pretty there, especially with the chirping cardinals and grosbeaks! And the squirrels scurrying. The Dog is pretty cute, getting all perky over squirrel sightings. But as soon as those quick little buggers take to a tree (even if it is only 8 inches off the ground) or a path, he loses sight of them, and sense, in general. He starts looking in the wrong direction, not seconds after they disappear. It was an amusing walk. And I only saw about 4 people out there. The first guy rode by on his bike while I was picking up steamy dog poo and talking to myself. The 2nd guy caught up and over took me right at the moment I let out a cheerful call over a garbage can sighting. I am pretty sure I scared him more than he would have scared me. The other two people were also walking dogs, both the size of The Doggies nose, so I kept him on a close leash while we walked past, lest he inhale them with one snort or sniff! One of those doggie owners, Walker of Ewok, actually Knew The Doggy. So my courteous caution was unnecessary. The walk was pretty good, I needed to move at the pace of an eager dog for a while. And I am thankful for his eagerness, as the golden rod (my allergy season trigger) lining the pathway was at least 45 metres high and capable of taking giant steps to chase me back home after 45 minutes, which was my limit for rubbing my nose and eyes on my sweater sleeve.

A small step but at least I got out and UP! And I did get Up, my dears. I actually had an honest to goodness smile on my face when I came home. A smile lately only reserved for the minute Elf comes out of the school doors and into my braced body space. It feels good to smile for no reason other than having survived the mutant golden rod attack.

My next adventure will be to find a really good tea shop or new to me 2nd hand store, and get a hold of a few vitals like The New Perfect Tea Pot, and probably some mint tea bags to soak my allergy ridden itchy red eye balls with.