Shrink Wrapped Life

I feel like my mental capacity has reduced itself to match my living space. By my own choices and of necessity, I have a nook in the living room, cornered off by my great big wooden cabinets, a bedside bin (full of my sweaters) that i have draped a scarf over, and the computer desk. And this is my world right now. reduced. not bad, but very small, very simple, very reduced. and i feel my coping and thinking and living capacities are reducing to fit. i know when i get a job i will expand a bit more and more. but right now it is enough to pull out a bin of woolies and sort the recycling. this is where i am at. snapped back like an elastic. if it wasnt for my computer i think i would be the size of a peanut in a shell right now.

but o there is much music and echo in that shell!