Down and Out

I think I am a bit depressed you guys. I am sorry if I have been lagging and dragging instead of my usual fairy dancing around bragging. I have been letting things get to me, not drag me down but find me down, and I think I need to buck up and suck it up and get myself back Up, you know? Because I have said before, I’m sure I was born to be happy. So I just need to find my positive vibe center again and tap into it, you know?

How? That is the question. Drastic life changes, they say, will effect you in the same mental and physical way as grief. I don’t think I am going through All of the steps of grief. But I am lodged in something that feels like sorrow right now. I am irritated, resentful, sensitive, raw even. I am blaming other people as much as I am blaming myself. Realizing that my own choices brought me to where I am. And that I have to now choose to get myself up and at ’em and onto the next step.

But I might do some more stomping around on my way there, ok?!