Many more words will be written on this topic in time. But Im near to bursting with all of the words I have kept to myself for the past month or more. Gearing up for a change of life move took every ounce of attention and energy I had. And whoooeee did I ever spend it all!

Now my life is as simple as I can imagine it being, other than to live in a shack in the woods with naught but candles and dogs to keep me company. Now I have another nook where I take up sleep when it agrees to meet me. I am back in the living in a living room state of being. Only this time instead of paying rent I pay in child care hours. I have become the Nook Nanny, on call but often in a bathrobe.

Reduced states of living create a necessity for mental simplicity that I suppose I am grateful for. But as a friend said, I stood down the Lion and now am afraid of Kittens. I think I have retracted into myself, to make my spirit and personality and lifestyle as small as my new corner.

But there is colour yet darlings. O there is colour yet.