Nap Brain

Welcome to Nap Brain

Did you just wake up from a much needed nap, 2 hours after laying down, feeling stressed out and sore? Maybe a headache, definitely some concern and sweat from the spaztastic dreams you just had. Are you a bit unsure if those dreams were memories or just something horrible your mind made up to help you process something? Are you now feeling like you have a hang over even though you haven’t touched an alcoholic beverage in weeks? Do you have the same headache, slow body and guilt complex?

You my friend have what we like to call Nap Brain!

There is little cure except to stumble through the next half hour or 7 with a blank stare, reaching for anything containing caffeine and frying eggs you forget you don’t really like to eat. Open the windows and stare back at the dog, this is going to be a strange rest of day.